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Pagan Anti-Wicca-ites

By Sitara Haye

I have noticed a trend in the pagan communities of which I have been a part. When asked what path all these folks at Pagan Pride Day or other gathering events follow, rarely will you get the answer ‘Wiccan’. Often, you will get the answer ‘I’m pagan, but I’m definitely not Wiccan!’ or some other phrase that implies that Wicca is the equivalent of spirituality shite.

Ok, I can appreciate that maybe someone doesn’t follow every little niggling bit of what Gerald Gardner cooked up. But then, this is what I observe…

The Celtic Reconstructionist pagan casts a circle with an athame… even calls it an athame. Calls the offering section Cakes and Ale. Um, that’s pretty Wiccan.

“Pagan walking a Kemetic path” observes the Wheel of the Year but no Egyptian feast days. Um, which religion did you say you follow again?

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