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Choosing a Domestic Deity

By Mrs. B.

Every domestic witch will eventually look into the subject of a household deity. Traditionally, there are two types of domestic deities: a major god or goddess or the minor or local entities called animistic deities. You’ve probably heard of at least a few of the goddesses used as deities in the household: Hestia, Frigg or Brigid are some of the most popular used today. But have you heard of the tomte, domovoi or cofgodas? These are but a few of the animistic deities that have been worshipped in the past.

Domestic deities are thought to look out for the members of the household, the home itself and/or the land around the home and any animals or livestock that live on it. In ancient days, a household would represent it’s deity with a small idol: a statue, a painting or even an amulet. Wealthy households held shrines for their deity. The deity was held in the highest esteem and they were treated as part of the family. Often they were invited to eat with the family, with plates of food left out for them in offering.

The worship of household deities was something that an early Christian church fought against (and continued to fight for centuries). Eventually the ancient household deities were, for the most part, relegated to mythology, folk tales and fairy tales. In the last few decades, some have made comebacks in role-playing games, modern literature, movies and video games.

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