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Witch Gets a Fashion Makeover

By Amanda McGregor

A screaming mob in Colonial costumes charged through Derby Square yesterday chasing after the hosts of the popular television show “What Not to Wear.”

TV fashion gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly were in Salem filming an episode of their show, in which they stage weekly style interventions on a victim of bad fashion.

Leanne Marrama, a member of Salem’s witch community, was in their sights yesterday. Dressed in a black gown with wide lacy sleeves, a black corset, black combat boots and a black purse with a skull, Marrama is set for a complete fashion, hair and makeup makeover. During yesterday’s filming, Marrama’s look was “put on trial” — reminiscent of Salem’s infamous 1692 witch trials — by a jury that included other members of the city’s psychic community. The TV film crews then shot multiple takes of the “Cry Innocent” cast, pitchforks and rakes in hand, chasing after the quick-witted show hosts, who yelled one-liners like: “We came to Salem to help someone, and now we’re being chased by an angry mob!” and “Spandex and PTA meetings!”

Read the original article at: Salem News

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