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Kooky, sexy, cool – the rise of the new witches

By Eimear O’Hagan

Witches, covens, dancing around bonfires by the light of the moon and making offerings to goddesses – all the stuff of folklore and fairy tale, right? Wrong.

Welcome to the world of paganism. Walk into any high-street bookshop and, alongside the usual chick-lit best-sellers, there’s another set of books flying off the shelves, all about how to find your inner witch. Yes, really.

Hot on the heels of best-selling vampire saga Twilight and new US drama Eastwick, it seems all things weird are wonderful.

Pagan culture has arrived in the 21st century – and young women are behind its growing popularity. Intrigued by its mystery and underlying sexuality, 20-somethings are converting in their droves, making paganism the UK’s fastest growing religion.

According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 31,000 pagans living in the UK in 2001. Just eight years later, the Pagan Federation estimates there are now around 360,000.

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