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The Lore (Part One)

By Hrafnkell Haraldsson

All modern day forms of Heathenism (including the Anglo-Saxon variety) are based primarily on an understanding of the Icelandic literature known as the Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, and the various Icelandic sagas (Íslendinga sögur). All of these sources were compiled or composed from the 12th century on, a good two centuries . . . → Read More: The Lore (Part One)

Planting by the Moon

By Philip Case

While we’re still enjoying some wonderful weather, Fall officially begins on Sept. 22 at 5:19 p.m., the days are noticeably shorter and we’ve had some cool nights. This will, of course, just continue and planting veggies that don’t have time to make it to harvest is a waste of your time, energy . . . → Read More: Planting by the Moon


by Rev. Brandon Baranowski

What does it really mean to be religious? Usually the first word that comes to mind when some one asks you if you are a ‘religious person’ is ‘are you Christian?’ But as many of you I’m sure are aware of, there are many different religions through out the world, . . . → Read More: Religion

Following Your Intuition

by Leslie Gibson

The interesting thing about Tarot is there are no right or wrong answers. Technically speaking, Tarot is based upon symbolic meanings and associations. And since no two people will ever view the same symbol identically; it is based upon our own intuitive perception.

Yes, we can try to memorize the symbology of . . . → Read More: Following Your Intuition

Ye Olde Reading List

By Juniper

I came across this old reading list on Mysticwicks the other day. I like the MW Magazine (I have a couple of articles in early editions) but have neglected the forum for a while now. Anyways it seems 4 years later people are still using this reading list and I realized its not . . . → Read More: Ye Olde Reading List

Spirit of the Blackthorn Tree

From the earliest times our Celtic and Druid ancestors from Iron Age times and probably before, the countryside in which they lived was the centre of their universe. It was full of meaning and wisdom. The trees were particularly important in the role each should play in their lives. We can once again use this . . . → Read More: Spirit of the Blackthorn Tree

Temples and why we need them

By Auberon Draenen Wen

Pagans today have two features about them for which they are well known. One is a love for nature; the second is a distaste for anything even coming close to organization. For an example talk to some about the idea of building temples and see how fast they start talking about . . . → Read More: Temples and why we need them

Inside the Mind of Linda Harvey

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Catholic-run news agency SperoNews features an interview with Linda Harvey, founder of Mission:America, and author of “Not My Child: Contemporary Paganism & the New Spirituality”, which claims to uncover the “casual occultisms” that lead teens towards “radical” Pagan spirituality. While I’m usually loathe to give people like Harvey any publicity, this . . . → Read More: Inside the Mind of Linda Harvey

Ingui as Family Man

By Siggy

Hard with the lust of life itself, He knew He lacked lasting love, and one day looked down into the Worlds and saw Her shining. She was like no one else, and He pined for Her: He would not rest until He had Her. He sent His manservant, giving up the best sword . . . → Read More: Ingui as Family Man

That Lineage Thing

By James French

Being in the Golden Dawn has its advantages. Apart from the numerous toys and sharp objects one gets to play with, and a drag show that could put the Vatican to shame, we also benefit from having a foundation myth that no one in their right mind would take seriously. (I’m fully . . . → Read More: That Lineage Thing