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The Origins of The Malleus Maleficarum

by Mykl

In a perfect world, governments would have been ruled by caring geniuses. Institutions that spoke as an epicenter of love would love instead of a symbol of horrible irony. The most disturbing part of powerful governments is that it only takes a handful of horrible people to turn a nation into a fearful and horrible place to live.

As pagans, we are very aware of what our brothers and sisters endured because of such documents as the Malleus Maleficarum. This paper is an unapologetic recount of how this horrible document gained enough sanction to actually be considered for use and the four main characters who made it happen.

The first person to be examined is perhaps the most responsible for this atrocity. He was born in 1432 under the name of Giovanni Battista Cibo. As a youth Cibo studied at the very respectable Neapolitan Court in Rome and Padua for Humanities and Latin. Cibo wasn’t what one would consider as clergy material with his rather ‘lascivious aptitude’ and two illegitimate children.

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