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Drawing Down the Moon

(2006 revised edition)

Reviewed by Juni

The Preface to the New Edition

“The message of Drawing Down the Moon has always been that the spiritual world is like the natural world- only diversity will save it.” The quote reminds me of something Darkhawk (from TC) said once: “Whenever I run into ‘homogenous is stronger and better’ my first thought is something like, ‘Until there’s a PLAGUE, of course.’” I think diversity is inherent in paganism, as it is an umbrella term as opposed to a single religious path, and that diversity in religions in the world is an important thing.

She quotes Symmachus: “Not by one avenue alone can we arrive at so tremendous a secret.”

She also comments on pagan religions having few creeds or dogma; I am not sure whether I agree or disagree. My knee-jerk reaction was to disagree; there’s been a discussion on TC recently about whether dogma can be harmful or not, and one particular poster didn’t feel as though the term dogma could be applied to pagan religions. I argued that point- that dogma is simply a set of beliefs that pertain to a particular religion or tradition. On the other hand, Adler was referencing pre-Christian pagans in her statement (or at least I understood her to be), and I can see where that might be correct. Pre-Romans, there was no delineation between religious and not; there was no belief, really, but knowledge. They didn’t believe the trees around them had some kind of spirit, they knew. So dogma doesn’t really apply there, I suppose. I do think, though, regardless of how the world was viewed in ancient times, that religions today do have dogma of some sort. In a world of belief and disbelief and choice, I think it’s somewhat required.

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