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The Future That Brought Her Here: A Memoir of a Call to Awaken, by Deborah DeNic

Reviewed by Medusa

This spiritual memoir by a widely-published poet is both an inner journey and a geographical pilgrimage. DiNicola is author of 5 poetry collections and editor of an anthology of contemporary poems about Greek mythology. She is recipient of a Poetry Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts plus other writing awards, and has taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Lesley University. She shares some of her wonderful poetry in this book, yet her background also means that DeNicola is an adept writer who knows when to use poetic language in prose (in this book she uses it sparingly and effectively) and when more direct diction is appropriate. This skill makes this book a pleasure to read.

The book starts with DeNicola’s quest to heal from childhood trauma, ventures into (mostly Jungian) dreamwork, then soon enters the author’s very intense visionary experiences, leading her to explore a variety of New Age and mystical Christian belief systems and authors such as Rumi, Gary Zukov, Caroline Myss, Stanslov Grof, transcendental meditation, and A Course in Miracles. She consults the psychic, David Hall, as well as a psychic healer, Jason, who discusses with her “The Brotherhood of Light” and “Master Avatars.” She then starts attending sessions in the Boston area with a medium, Gerry Bowman, who claims he channels John, author of the last book in the Christian Bible, Revelation. During this time she also reads books by Margaret Starbird and Elaine Pagels and visits Israel. This leads her to an exploration of Mary Magdalen (she spells it without a final e, so I’ll use her spelling here, though I will also abbreviate it MM) and the Black Madonnas. DiNicola is guided in this ultimate quest by Deborah Rose , who has since passed over. In fact, DeNicola dedicates this book to Deborah Rose. DiNicola had access to the notes Rose made during their tour of sites related to Magdalen and/or Black Madonnas, and shares some of these notes with us in this book.

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