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Displays of Faith

by Ancestral Celt

Most people are aware of the British Airways employee who went to court over the wearing of her cross (and lost), and I am pretty sure most pagans have encountered those pagans who insist on wearing the biggest pentacle possible, or fantasy costumes, or t-shirts with “pagan and proud” slogans or similar, or have their foreheads tattooed with Theban. It’s almost as if these pagans have to display their religious beliefs in order to be seen to be “walking the walk” rather than “talking the talk”. This made me wonder how important it was to pagans, in general, to wear their faith, or indeed, to display anything that might proclaim their allegiance to paganism.

From a personal perspective, I don’t feel the need to be in anyone’s face about my beliefs. I live in a Christian country (albeit one with a pagan history) and I respect that. My religion is not about offending anyone; its about my personal beliefs. That said, I do have one or two items on display, as it were, but, I am more than happy to remove, or cover them if it’s required, i.e. for matters of health and safety.

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