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I’ve mentioned several times now that the ability to have mystical experiences is not either/or, but is a spectrum. While those who self-identify as mystics have a calling or vocation to things such as priestcraft, seiðr, rune magic, etc, full-time or frequently, there are a lot of people in Heathenry who do not self-identify as mystics but nonetheless have had what can be described as Close Encounters of the Wyrd Kind.

Some people are aware of the occasional “woo” when it comes, whether it’s Deity/spirit messages or a clear case of Divine intervention/prayers answered, the palpable presence of Deity, wights, or ancestors at ritual and the blessing that comes with it, a flash of insight that leads to good offerings given or good decisions made. It may not happen all the time but it is nonetheless unmistakeable when it occurs, and is helpful in remembering Something Is Out There and Paying Attention.

Some people have all of this but to an even smaller degree, so small that they may think themselves “cementheads”. Most true “cementheads” will not be interested in religion at all. Most people who are involved in a religious practice will have some perception of the Divine, even if it is more casual than intense.

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