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Prisoners of a White God?

When does Christian missionary work become predatory ? Czech anthropologist Tomas Ryska’s 2008 film Prisoners of a White God concerns Ryska’s troubling findings, from his field work among the Akha mountain people of Southeast Asia. The film, which avoids polemic, describes Christian missionary efforts that according to Ryska’s account are destroying Akha culture. Among the accusations Tomas Ryska’s low-key but morally engaged and quietly outraged testimony presents are charges that missionaries are using Akha children as plantation slaves, sexually molesting them, and even selling them as sex slaves.

Here is a description of the film:

This documentary explicitly reveals under cover work of missionary agencies and individuals in the destruction of an ethnic group, the Akha people of South East Asia. It is a picture of evil cloaked in righteousness. Evangelical missionaries come with the Good News of the Gospel, and aid for the poverty stricken mountain people. The reality is division, destruction of family core groups, human rights violations, displacement, forced relocation, theft of land, cultural genocide, racism and power of a majority people group over the indigenous group.

It is a picture of hell on earth despite the coming of so-called Good News, and it is enactment and creation of hell on earth for these tribal people. Kidnapped from their villages, children become “orphans” though they have families. They become the employees on the Christian Missionary tea plantations. “There are no employees,” says one man, “we have children.” In one place, 60 children take the role of laborer on the boarding school grounds. Worse, they are sold into slavery and sex trade by missionaries and those among the tribes who are on the take. One missionary states that it would be a terrible revelation if the outside world ever got news of child rape by Christian missionaries. Denial, pretense, and cover-up is necessary for these organizations to continue their work among the People.

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