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Religion among the Roma

The majority of Czech Roma are of the Roman Catholic faith. It is said of the Roma that their real faith is an interesting symbiosis of the religion of the majority society and their own “superstitions”, which they brought with them from India. This superficial opinion on Romani faith is confirmed by even the oldest historical records. In a document from 1350, a German traveller who encountered Roma on his trip to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem wrote that “with Greeks they are Greeks, with Saracens they are Saracens”. In the chroicles of Saxonius from 1520 it is written that “they declare no religion like dogs.”

Considering that the majority of Roma are religious, they have a desire to worship their own god. Their only “saint” to date is Kali Sara – Black Sara, who they have revered and celebrated for more than a century…

The Romani clut honouring Sara is very interesting and is one in which gadje can take part (don’t forget that real communication between the Roma and others didn’t occur until after the Second World War, and before that time they had to keep their distance, and then maybe they even wanted to).

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