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Community Confusion and Modern Uses for Old Charms

One of the things I’ve been looking at recently is looking at old charms from texts like the Lacnunga, the various collected Old English charms and the Merseburg Charms and trying to figure out modern usages for them.

Some of these charms lend themselves quite easily to modern usage and have still kept much of their Heathen qualities. Zum Beispiel, one of the charms for birthing problems.

***Se wifman, se hire cild afedan ne maeg, gange to gewitenes mannes birgenne and staeppe thonne thriwa ofer tha byrgenne and cwethe thonne thriwa thas word:

”this me to bote thaere lathan laetbyrde
this me to bote thaere swaeran swaerbyrde
this me to bote thaere lathan lambyrde”’***

(The woman who cnnot manage to have children, should go to a departed man’s grave and then step over the grave three times and then say these words thrice:

Let this be my remedy for the horrible delayed birth
Let this by my remedy for the grevious difficult birth
Let this be my remedy for the horrible lame birth)

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