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Pagan Values

Apparently it has been decided it is International Pagan Values Month. As with many others, I don’t think that there is such a thing as a single set of pagan values. But the line “let us write of the virtues and ethics and morals and values we have found in our Pagan paths” speaks of the paths as plural, so I shall post on the values of my path.

The easiest and yet hardest to pin down are those I come by from Kemetic Orthodoxy. There are precious few set values in KO. Instead much everything hinges on Ma’at. Both a goddess and the concept of universal balance and order, she is what we all aspire to. It is against the concept of ma’at, embodied in an ostrich feather, which our hearts are weighed upon our passing.

Ma’at is not ‘good’ or ‘evil’. Ma’at is balance and justice. That isn’t to say we should do equal amounts of evil! Isfet, uncreation, is constantly being done by apep, by unsavoury people, and accidentally by ourselves. In making efforts to be kind, fair, and reasonable, we seek to balance that out and ensure that creation remains in its created state.

There’s plenty of debate to be found on the subject of isfet, what actions are or are not deserving of that label. What contributes to Ma’at and why is also not fully understood. I guess that’s part of KO’s appeal to me. Its ‘morals’ are up in the air, and left to the individuals and their Gods.

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