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My Sex Ethic Under Eros

Awhile ago it became known to me that my patron is Eros, the Greek god of progenitive love. No, he wasn’t just a baby running around shooting arrows in people. In most depictions, he’s quite mature and is by no means in diapers. Since I’m leery of tradition, having veered once too often into tell-you-what-to-think situations, my experience with Eros has been purely direct, an evolution of meditation and openness to personal contact. I’m no novice to Wicca, having practiced it for fourteen years, but my long-term relationship to Eros is in its infancy, and with that so is my developing morality as it is attached to my patron.

Unfortunately, the only Eros worship I’ve found online is either couched in Hellenic Reconstructionism – not something that seems to fit me – or is the beginning of a porn. Porn is a discussion for a later time, in the ethics sector, but even though I’m discussing it later, we’ll bookmark that for now.

As a priestess dedicated to Eros, it’s often assumed that I would be all about the sex and free love. That’s actually pretty far from what it seems to be working thus far: Eros chose me as his priestess in part because I am very different in the way my sexuality is expressed, and in that it is something that I spent much of my early teen years making sure I absolutely understood myself and my own boundaries before I even considered becoming sexually active.

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