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Pagan Values Month – Heathen Values

For Heathens, ancestry is very important. We might almost say it’s central. So much depends upon not only who you are, but where you came from. None of us can say we “know” our ancestors. Most of them are long dead. But it is there actions that have placed us on this Middle Earth (Midgard), providing us with our “starting locations”.

In the old days, it was your lineage that told, not your credit score. Your word, your honor, was critically important. If you were the son of an outlaw, it diminished you. We still haven’t escaped the idea of “guilt by association” though to most of us it probably seems backwards. But in those days such things had to matter. We didn’t have any way to check credentials or do background checks or “vet” a person. But if you were the son of an honorable man, whose deeds were known, it put you in good stead with your fellows. I suppose the idea must have been that a good man would not raise a “thug” or a ne’er-do-well.

In our American West – and I think this is the true origins of our sense of individualism – it really didn’t matter who your family was. Many people changed their names. They forged new identities, new lives, based on their own actions. This sort of rugged individualism is sometimes thought of as Heathen but only if you’re speaking of the Viking Age, when society changed drastically. In older Heathen society, family did matter. Name mattered.

So the value I want to stress is ancestry.

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