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Amendment That Would Eliminate 6 Sources Defeated

This past weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah was the Unitarian-Universalist Association’s yearly General Assembly. This year, in addition to electing a new president, members of the UUA voted on a proposed amendment to its bylaws. The amendment, composed by the Commission on Appraisal, would have eliminated the now-familiar “6 sources”, which included the long-campaigned for sixth source, acknowledging the contributions of “earth-centered” (Pagan) traditions.

“Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.”

The revised amendment consisted of the following text.

“Unitarian Universalism is not contained in any single book or creed. Its religious authority lies in the individual, nurtured and tested in the congregation and the wider world. As an evolving religion, it draws from the teachings, practices, and wisdom of the world’s religions. Humanism, earth-centered spiritual traditions, and Eastern religions have served as vital sources. Unitarian Universalism has been influenced by mysticism, theism, skepticism, naturalism, and process thought as well as feminist and liberation theologies. It is informed by direct experiences of mystery and wonder, beauty and joy. It is enriched by the creative power of the arts, the guidance of reason, and the lessons of the sciences.”

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