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How We Confuse Newbies

So as I’m trying to clear out both my inbox, and sent mail folder, I stumbled across an email I sent in response to one of the lists I’m on, as we talked about things such as the meanings of terms, and why there’s such differences of definition, as well as what we as the community do in disservice of the newcomers that come to us earnestly asking “I want to learn.”

One of the most frustrating things at times is that we have a lack of standardized definitions for alot of the terminology we use to describe ourselves, and our religion (Heathenry/Asatru/ Forn Sed/Odinists, etc.). Ask one heathen and they’ll define it one way, ask someone else they’ll define it another. And this doesn’t just apply to what we call ourselves collectively, but also to the denominations (for lack of a better term) that exist within the Heathenry.

Not only are our definitions confusing by group, but I think that on the average the community isn’t very good at nurturing newcomers. They show up to our lists and gatherings all shiny with eagerness yet a touch shy and uncertain… and far too often when they say “I want to learn” people say “go read the Eddas.”

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