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The Sorcerers, Crosantacht

Crosantacht or Sorcery is held to be even older than druidism. An ancient writer says in the Book of Lee that the Tuatha de Danann, ” a remnant of the fall angels,” came at the call of sorcerers and those who practiced malevolent incantations by walking in circles left-hand. They used to be worshipped, and it was they who invented the spells sung by smiths and druids and wise women an pilots and cup-bearers. From them, he adds, druidism came to Ireland.

Crosans are frequently mentioned in the lives of the Irish saints. More than one is met in the Voyage of Brendan. We are told, too, that St. Cainneach from an island near Ros Cre saw a vast host of demons flying; in the air over his head. And when Donnchadh mac Ceallaigh, father-in-law of Donnchadh son of Flann Siona, was buried at Saighir Chiarain nine coal-black crosans came shrieking over the grave. Every one who saw them took ill for a day and a night. At length the clergy fasted and prayed to ascertain why so good a man was pursued in death, and it was indicated that the demons came from the nether regions in anger because they could make no impression on the king during his lifetime.

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