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Post for Pagan Values Month


1. Check the fucking exits

Within the gates ere a man shall go,
(Full warily let him watch,)
Full long let him look about him;
For little he knows where a foe may lurk,
And sit in the seats within.

Or, as Liber Legis puts it, ‘be ready to fly or to smite!’ It is all very well to consider God your Shepherd. It is somewhat more pragmatic to make sure of your escape route just in case some heavy shit goes down.

2. Keep your fucking mouth shut

A man shall not boast of his keenness of mind,
But keep it close in his breast;
To the silent and wise does ill come seldom
When he goes as guest to a house;
(For a faster friend one never finds
Than wisdom tried and true.)

The knowing guest who goes to the feast,
In silent attention sits;
With his ears he hears, with his eyes he watches,
Thus wary are wise men all.

Two very good reasons to STFU. Firstly, nobody likes a smart-arse, and your reputation should speak for you so you don’t have to. Secondly, if you sit still and watch, you will be better prepared if some heavy shit goes down. See point 1.

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