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Pagan Values Blogging Month #1: Sexual Values

I’m going to use the word sacred a lot. Sacred means dedicated in some way to religious usage, entitled to veneration or worship, and secured against violation or desecration.

I believe that sex is sacred, plain and simple. It is the ultimate gift a person can give to another person or persons. When a person engages in sex with another person or persons, they become deified and are the earthly avatars of the driving creative forces of the Universe.

– I believe in consensual sex. Two or more people who mutually agree to have sex with one another. Age is not
so important to me as maturity and being in control of one’s faculties. To clarify – a child being
manipulated into agreeing to sex with an adult is not in control of their faculties. Same with
someone who is drunk or under the influence of mind-altering substances. I do have a lot of drunken sex,
but I’m not in my right mind at that moment so it’s probably wrong to go along with me. Although I would
get pissed off if anyone turned my drunk ass down for sex.

– Sex is not a weapon.
– If I’m pissed at my husband (or any other partner or partners I may have), I do not withhold sex from
him (or her or them).
– It is wrong to be a ‘cocktease’, deliberately and intentionally leading someone on sexually and then
backing out at the last minute.
– I do not use it to manipulate someone into giving me something I want or use it to make someone do
something for me. At least, not any more. In the past, I have acted in this manner and I know I was in
the wrong.

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