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Pearls and the Moon

by Anne Hill (for Gus diZerega)

Pagans are famous (infamous?) for taking seemingly mundane occurrences and finding something deep and meaningful in them. We can take just about any occasion and turn it into a sacred, festive celebration. Whether it’s an ancient seasonal festival, the feast day of a saint from someone else’s religion, or a Hallmark-inspired date we just happen to like, our symbolic literacy and sense of fun enables us to find occasions for joy, camaraderie, and Spirit in places where most other people don’t even bother to look.

So when Gus asked me to write a blog post in his absence, and suggested the possible topic of birthstones, I thought, “Perfect–something I know very little about! Let’s have at it!” Birthstones were initially linked to the astrological calendar, and each sign of the zodiac had a stone or stones associated with it. The month of June, ruled by the signs of Gemini and Cancer, has as its birthstone that beautiful water creation, the pearl. Cancer, sign of the crab, is associated with water and the moon. The pearl, whether freshwater or saltwater, is luminous like the moon, glowing with a diffused inner light that can be tinted a light cream or gray, lavender to blue or yellow, even pale green or black.

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