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Missing: Teachers and Elders

In the past several years, I have noticed a disturbing trend within my own Pagan community. Compared to the other communities I have lived in and interacted with, Pagan/Wiccan Elders and Teachers are less than valued. Certainly not every person contributes, but the ill attitude is very evident. Perhaps, you have noticed this same trend in your community.

Quality Teachers and Elders are a unique breed of person. The really great Teachers are hard to come by because they have walked the walk for many years. Good Teachers are good because they have suffered the trials of spiritual growth and know their techniques, history, etc. As they offer up their knowledge and wisdom, they sacrifice their selves in hopes of continuing the spiritual legacy. They take time away from friends, family, work, home, and their own spirituality to offer to us something wonderful.

Quality Teachers and Elders are here to show us a way of achieving the things we desire and need through hard work and discipline. They are not here to hand us the answers. Instead, they are here to show us how to get the answers, and then it is up to us to find the strength to hold on to these answers. Sometimes this requires us to realized and deal with something that is complex or upsetting. Quality Teachers and Elders challenge us to take that extra step and remove ourselves from our own suffocating bubble. Being uncomfortable is key to shedding our old skin so we can grow.

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