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One Tiny Faerie Blows Down a Door

Perhaps three of my four readers go back so far with “The Gods Are Bored” that they know about my sister and her happy Pentacostal church. Sis became a deeply religious Christian after getting a job at a Christian radio station. Before she got the job, she was your average joe religion-wise, and very, very funny. But listening to that music, and those talk shows, day after day after day started to alter her view of the world. It was like a willful brainwashing. Even after she was encouraged to quit her job because she got married, and married women weren’t supposed to work outside the home, she carried this faith with her like a hiking staff that propped her up.

It’s still possible to hear Focus on the Family as a murmuring undercurrent in Sis’s house. But now it’s the murmuring undercurrent, not the crashing waterfall.

What’s happened? My sister found a faerie left behind in a dresser drawer. One little glo-in-the-dark faerie, the kind you might get for a quarter from a gumball machine.

Sis’s house is now full of faeries. Faerie houses. Faerie statues. Faerie books. And yesterday, Sis spent the entire day building a faerie hostel in her backyard. She neglected her housework to do it!

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