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What kind of Energy are you sending into the world?

by Emily Jones

As witches, if we believe in the power of words and the power of intent, I believe that we also need to seriously consider what kind of energy we may be sending out with our angry or envious thoughts. The challenge is to find ways to express our darker thoughts and feelings in ways that will not send intrusive energy out to others. Expressing the feelings is essential, because repressing them only leads to keeping the misplaced energy in ourselves. The next time you are experiencing a feeling that you are not proud of, I ask you to take a moment to fully recognize that feeling and then find a way to express it in a way that does not send out any potentially harmful energy into the world where it may cause harm. Try writing in your journal, painting a picture, exercising or throwing yourself into yardwork. Find what works for you as a healthy outlet. Recognize that what you feel is a source of energy that can be directed in a way that does no harm to anyone.

The first step toward avoiding misplaced energy and spiritual intrusions is to be filled with a joyful connection both to our own power and to the infinite power of the divine. The more empowered and connected we are, the less porous and susceptible to misplaced energy intrusion we will be. The second, and perhaps more difficult step, is to be consciously aware of all of our feelings, even the ones we are not so proud of. Once we have this awareness, we then have a responsibility to deal with these feelings in a compassionate way rather than sending them out as misplaced energy.

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