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Thoughts on “Rumpelstiltskin”

What captivates my mind with this story, as Maria Tatar points out, no one in the story is particularly good. There are no real moral guidelines with the tale. Each person is a liar, greedy or rash. In comparison to the humans in the tale the Gnome is the one who comes off the best. He is the only one who shows compassion and holds those around him accountable to their words.

The catalyst to the story is the father. He trying to “appear as a person of some importance” tells the king he has a daughter who can spin straw into gold. As true Heathens we take pride in our boasting. Boasting is our way, but when a boast becomes a lie that is when things can go wrong. The father puts his daughter’s life at risk because of his lie. It is very interesting that lie is spoken so that he can appear more important than he really is. The king also readily accepts the lie as truth. If the king would have stopped and thought about what the poor miller was saying he would have realized it could not have been true. If a daughter really could spin straw into gold, why was this man not rich? This is an important lesson for us. Listen to someone’s words with discernment. As accepting a lie as truth could be just as dangerous for the hearer as the teller.

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