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Wikipedia excommunicates Church of Scientology

I believe the world doesn’t give us enough to believe in.

So we should look to any possible source of guidance to help us through the messy morass of life.

If Wikipedia does it for you, lovely. If the Church of Scientology is your preference, lovely too.

But it seems these two sources are in . . . → Read More: Wikipedia excommunicates Church of Scientology

Missing: Teachers and Elders

In the past several years, I have noticed a disturbing trend within my own Pagan community. Compared to the other communities I have lived in and interacted with, Pagan/Wiccan Elders and Teachers are less than valued. Certainly not every person contributes, but the ill attitude is very evident. Perhaps, you have noticed this same trend . . . → Read More: Missing: Teachers and Elders

One Tiny Faerie Blows Down a Door

Perhaps three of my four readers go back so far with “The Gods Are Bored” that they know about my sister and her happy Pentacostal church. Sis became a deeply religious Christian after getting a job at a Christian radio station. Before she got the job, she was your average joe religion-wise, and very, . . . → Read More: One Tiny Faerie Blows Down a Door

Some Christian Teachings From A Heathen Perspective

I would like to examine Jesus’ ethical mandates from a heathen perspective that may provide a more grounded and moderate context, allowing us to turn them from extremisms into potentially useful guidelines, if used intelligently. It is, in fact, a worthy heathen project to reexamine Judaeo-Christian teachings from a heathen perspective, because heathenism always deals . . . → Read More: Some Christian Teachings From A Heathen Perspective

What kind of Energy are you sending into the world?

by Emily Jones

As witches, if we believe in the power of words and the power of intent, I believe that we also need to seriously consider what kind of energy we may be sending out with our angry or envious thoughts. The challenge is to find ways to express our darker thoughts and . . . → Read More: What kind of Energy are you sending into the world?

“I have a message from God…”

Religions have long struggled with the question of how to handle people who say “I have a message from the Divine…” Kaldera states of such a position that:

This is the voice of the mystic, and it is secretly or not-so-secretly hated by both the other sides. One reason for that hatred is that . . . → Read More: “I have a message from God…”

Zoning Psychics

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

An interesting business article about fortune-telling in Will County, Illinois (that would be around Joliet for those unfamiliar with Illinois) caught my eye today. It seems the Will County Board have decided that all new businesses offering any sort of psychic service, from astrology to “magic mediumship”, can only open in a . . . → Read More: Zoning Psychics

Material Simplicity, Part One

The question of whether or not it is necessary for a Pagan monastic to live a life of scarcity is an interesting one. Most monastic traditions, founded within faiths where spiritual transcendence is often emphasized over physical indulgence, stress an ascetic approach to the material world: simple clothing, a very basic diet, few if . . . → Read More: Material Simplicity, Part One

Gods of the Winds: Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus, Notus

by Alena Trckova-Flamee

The Gods of the Winds appeared between the natural deities already in the Mycenaean Greece. A Priestess of the Winds was named on the Tablet from Mycenaean Knossos written in Linear Script B. Such function in the Knossos palace is giving us proof that the cult of the winds was an important . . . → Read More: Gods of the Winds: Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus, Notus

Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning

Why did Elton John dub Lady Di “England’s Rose”? Was it because she was beautiful or because the rose has a deep occult meaning? This article explores the numerous occult symbols used in the memorials to Diana’s memory. To occultists, Diana wasn’t simply a princess, she represents the Sacred Feminine.

Similarly to the . . . → Read More: Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning