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Pagan Celebrations of Beltane

by Gus diZerega

Tonight is Beltane, and tomorrow is May Day. Two good discussions of this time are by Circle Sanctuary and Witchvox. Beltane and tomorrow is May Day. Beltane and May Day comprise one of our two most important Sabbats, the other being Samhain, which is six months away. For Wiccans and most other NeoPagans, Beltane marks the beginning of summer. We believe every necessary aspect of physical existence is sacred in its own way, each honored at that time of the year when it can be most powerfully symbolized in ritual and celebration. And this time is when we honor the powers of life’s vitality, beauty, and fertility.

Beltane (along with Samhain), is the time when, myth has it, the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. Covens will often meet tonight to honor this proximity and do rituals in keeping with the time. When conditions and ordinances allow and enough people can gather to celebrate the night there will be bonfires. Jumping through or passing between the flames, particularly with a lover, burning away the accretions of the winter and warming the juices of the summer is a good thing to do – but jump rapidly.

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