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Thoughts on Odin, the Aesir, and Their Home

For nearly seven years now, Woden has been my fulltrui–a term which is most often translated as “fully trusted one,” and sometimes also as “heart-friend”—among the Gods. As my friend and colleague Svartesol has pointed out, fulltrui was also an Icelandic legal term meaning “representative” or advocate. Thus, I can expect Woden to represent me before the other Gods, advocating for my well-being and for aid from the other Deities when needed, and it follows that I in turn would be expected to act as His representative here in Middle Earth, advocating for His own agendas as well as acting as a character witness and apologist as needed.

The need for the latter has, in my opinion, never been greater than it is now. Odin/Woden has always had a public relations problem; even among mainstream Heathens, there have been those who want as little as possible to do with the Lord of Asgard, and even a few who refuse to hail Him, not wanting to draw His attention. In recent years, there has also been an explosion of interest in the “Rokkr,” those of the Jotnar who are specifically the enemies of the Gods, with people who have felt marginalized by mainstream Heathenry deciding to promote the worship of these beings who they see as fellow underdogs. Of course, attempts to make the enemies of the Aesir seem more sympathetic to modern worshippers have resulted in Odin being recast as the villain of many “refashioned” Eddic tales, with the result that people new to Heathenry or who simply haven’t studied the lore sufficiently may be deceived into accepting this as a valid view of Him. (These new myths are usually passed off as “PCPG,” or Peer-Corroborated Personal Gnosis,” meaning basically a UPG that your friends happen to agree with.)

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