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As I have mentioned, I consider faining to be quite different from a devotional practice, at least how I see it and practice it myself. Devotional practice is a daily thing of very minor, simple tasks that helps to keep one mindful and perhaps on an even keel. Faining is special, and should thus be an occasional thing. The reason why the Havamal says “better not to give than give too much” is because faining, when done right, takes a certain amount of effort and if you’re doing it all the time it’s easy to start to think of it as drudgery, or regard its holiness casually, both attitudes I find to be blasphemous.

Now, a little segue before we begin. . . .

The majority of Heathens I know use the word “Blot” (rhymes with goat) to describe what I am discussing here. My personal preference (I’m not going to police your ritual space, but will put my $.02 here) is that “Blot” not be used unless we are talking about an animal sacrifice, meaning livestock (chickens, hog, cattle) NOT pets kthx. The reason for this is “Blot” literally means “blood”, it does not mean “to make sacred”, it means “blood”. I also have caveats with animal sacrifice, I think the animal should be raised by the group performing the sacrifice and it needs to be butchered skillfully, without pain involved to the animal. If you cannot meet these two requirements, don’t attempt it. There are other acceptable offerings you can do in its place. Cooking a meal takes work, and the food can be shared between Gods and man. That should, in fact, be the default since most of us have neither the land nor the knowhow to Blot.

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