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Earth Day and Experiencing the Life of the Earth

By Gus diZerega

I can think of nothing better for Earth Day than to reconnect with our home.

If we think back on our own experience, we know that when we treat someone as an object, they are not likely to open up to us. If we treat someone as if they have nothing to teach us, most likely they won’t. And if they try, we’ll likely miss it.

We have grown up in a world that continually reinforces a sociopathic relationship towards the non-human world that is only grudgingly giving way to acceptance that at least some animals and birds have a good deal more going on inside them than was long thought among ‘experts.’

Living in such a society, how can we actually experience just how messed up this kind of attitude is? In 2007 I published a piece on how to do this an earlier incarnation of this blog, and I want to return to the topic, now that I have a lot more readers. What I will relate will not work for every one, but from my experience it will work for a lot, especially younger people and others whose minds have not gotten so deeply stuck in ruts.

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