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Herbs and Stones for Protection

by Trish Deneen

Some Pagans incorporate the Eastern concept of chakras into their practice. These are generally seen as colored circular energy centers in the ethereal body. The first chakra, also called the root chakra, corresponds to the physical body, wealth, groundedness, and general safety and is usually seen as red in color. Black is sometimes associated with this chakra as it has to do with being rooted to the earth. Black is a favorite color of magicians as it is believed to deflect negativity.

If you are at a loss for choosing the right protective stone, try any black, gray or red one to at least help bring a sense of grounding. By increasing the sensation of stability, you will be better able to handle situations that arise which require your immediate attention. Some stones in this color range include hematite, onyx, smoky quartz, ruby, red jasper, and obsidian. Blue and purple stones such as azurite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, amethyst, charoite and sugilite are some of the most common used for third-eye issues including psychic self defense. All of them have additional healing properties as well.

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