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Dance in Dreams

A heathen does not remain a slave to sources. A heathen learns and knows the sources, for therein, glimpses of the ancestors may be found. These glimpses enter through the eyes, through the runes on the leaves of paper, but once inside, those glyphs dance in dreams, and it is in those dreams, and not the stripped sheets of tree’s flesh, that the ancestors’ truths will be found.

A heathen should be able to arm-wrestle with any scholar, throw the arm down on the table with force, and reach up for another mug of ale, all while singing, but a heathen knows these little matches are not the way to truly commune. A heathen will learn the way of the monks, so that the frozen glyphs may dance once again in dreams.

Much has been forgotten, but all lies in the Well of Mimir. A heathen knows from his tales that Odr managed to move down into the Underworld and see Mimir’s great Well, Thus it is only through the imagination that we may gain a peek. We are spying. We are spies upon the mysterious.

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