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The Value of Past Lives

by Donald Michael Kraig

Virtually all comprehensive systems of occultism include methods for developing the ability to recall past lives. For most people beginning their occult studies, or those who have a superficial interest in the occult, the value of remembering past lives is as proof that the consciousness or soul survives physical death. For more advanced occultists, however, the concept of the continuation of consciousness (to some degree) after death is an accepted reality. So other than a natural manifestation of the development of psychic abilities and a fascinating curiosity, what difference does the memory of past lives make to a dedicated occultist? Why did Aleister Crowley, one of the most important and controversial occultists of the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries, make special mention of it as the “magickal memory?”

ARE THEY REAL? I think it is undeniable that people have the experience of living before this life. The first question any logical person has about such experiences is, “Are they real?” That leads to an even more philosophical question on the nature of reality: If I experience something it is subjectively real; but is it objectively real? What, if anything, is the difference between subjective and objective reality? Perhaps the best way of approaching this is to look at the question from a debunker’s point of view. Such a person might ask, “If past lives are real, why is it that so many people think they were someone famous like Napoleon or Cleopatra?”

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