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The Pentacle Up and Down Controversy

The Pentacle, upside down, one point straight down, however you would like me to describe it does not represent the Devil. I know, a thousand little head bangers are literally crushed at this moment but that’s ok, you keep Shouting at the Devil—I adore you still.

It represented the God…sometimes known as the horned God, while the pentacle facing upright, represented the Goddess. If you lay them on top of each other or intertwine them, then it is the union of the God and Goddess…among other things.

If you cut an apple, I cant remember which way then the seeds are supposed to reveal the five points. Its called the Star of Knowledge or Pentacle of the Virgin. That is where the Pentacle originated from or so some believe. It was once a symbol of many Goddess such as Isis, Ishtar (star of) and the Goddess Kore, to name a few. It meant life, health, protection and it came to mean many other things especially when a man was placed in the center of it. That was a special touch of Hermetic Magicians. It meant to some that man was ruled by five stars.

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