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Genocide Prevention Ritual

by Gus diZerega

Given that even Fundamentalist Jews can endorse and presumably practice genocide, it is refreshing to see what Pagans are doing in this context. April is Genocide Prevention Month because it is the month when many genocidal events began.

An interfaith activity has been organized addressing this ideal. It has a large . . . → Read More: Genocide Prevention Ritual

American Gods

Reviewed by Sarah

This is hands down the best urban fantasy novel I have ever read featuring the old Pagan gods. It is also a very “adult” novel not meant for any maturity level of teenager. It is sexy, funny, mysterious, dangerous, horrific, shocking, but overall a philosophical work on the nature of the Gods . . . → Read More: American Gods

Speaking Truth To Power

Paganism doesn’t really discuss power any more. It used to be a basic teaching for people who wanted to learn to change consciousness at will or work with love under will. In the last decade or so that’s all been perceived with a hint of revulsion: we shouldn’t want to exert our will over anything, . . . → Read More: Speaking Truth To Power

Witches’ school plans convention

By Chris Cassidy

SALEM — A group claiming to be the world’s largest online school for witchcraft will hold its annual international conference here next month. The three-day conference, titled “Pagans Taking Global Action,” is scheduled for April 17-19 at the Hawthorne Hotel. It will include a discussion of the Pagan economy, a handfastings (Pagan . . . → Read More: Witches’ school plans convention

Saudi Religious Enforcers Battle Sorcery

The Saudi Gazette reports on the special efforts of the government’s Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in combating sorcery, which is banned by Islam. Apparently there is a special branch of the Commission devoted to the topic. An arrest was recently made in Al-Ahsa where sorcery had become “the talk of . . . → Read More: Saudi Religious Enforcers Battle Sorcery

How cremation became the way to go

As the High Court prepares to rule on the legality of open-air funeral pyres, Nick Serpell, a former tour guide at London’s famous Highgate Cemetery, recalls the troubled history of cremations in the UK. The practice of disposing of bodies by burning is almost as old as the human race itself and has been . . . → Read More: How cremation became the way to go

On Sacrifice

This may seem a strange topic for an essay. We modern Westerners are unaccustomed to considering sacrifice as a good thing. In its current colloquial sense it has connotations of deprivation, self denial and asceticism, or loss and generally sadness about something we have to give up, or don’t have any more. Many of us . . . → Read More: On Sacrifice

Paulo Coelho’s Pagan Past (and Future)

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Telegraph in India interviews Ipsita Roy Chakraverti (India’s most prominent Wiccan) concerning international best-selling author Paulo Coelho’s spiritual life. Basing her assertions on the recent English translation of Coelho’s 1990 book “Brida”, Ipsita claims that Coelho is a Wiccan, like herself. If true, this would certainly be big news (the American . . . → Read More: Paulo Coelho’s Pagan Past (and Future)

This is Anarcho-Herbalism

My medicine chest is a council of bioregions, with representatives gathered together as I make my way around the world west of the Rocky Mountains. The Coptis root was picked out of the churned-up scar left by an excavator, at the retreating edge of the Idaho wilderness. The tiny amount of Pipsissewa leaves came from . . . → Read More: This is Anarcho-Herbalism