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Of Frogs and Love of the Earth

by Gus diZerega

Today I read “The Race to Save the Frogs” by Jennifer S. Holland in the April National Geographic. Her article describes the horrendous impact the fungal disease chytrid is having on the world’s amphibians, killing off entire species. Holland quotes Lee Berger, who discovered the fungus, “The impact of chytridiomycosis on frogs . . . → Read More: Of Frogs and Love of the Earth

Artemis – Goddess of the Wild Animals & Wild Places

By Sorita D’Este

Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt and virginity has captured the imagination of many people throughout the ages. Poets have written about Artemis as the ultimate unobtainable prize, artists have portrayed her surrounded by her hunting dogs, wild animals and of course with her bow and quiver of arrows . . . → Read More: Artemis – Goddess of the Wild Animals & Wild Places

Religion vs. Spirituality

by Crick

There is often a blurring of the lines when it comes to the difference between what is a religion and what is a spiritual path. Neo pagans in particular are guilty of this lack of distinction, perhaps because so many neo pagans come from a Abrahamic religion originally. I also believe that because . . . → Read More: Religion vs. Spirituality

On Worship

Worship – it’s not a word I’m comfortable with. I was raised in a purely secular household, and to me, the word “worship” evokes mysterious temples, flickering candles, chanting, embroidered robes, dark rites, and sacrifice. Worship is something other people do, those people who are “religious.” In my family, to say of someone that, “Oh, . . . → Read More: On Worship

Iranian TV paints “Harry Potter” as a Jewish conspiracy

The “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling has received criticism from numerous religious groups since its inception, most pointing fingers at the books’ themes of magic and wizardry.

Some Christians have shunned the series due to its portrayal of witchcraft, as have a handful of Islamic Web sites that have issued a fatwa on the . . . → Read More: Iranian TV paints “Harry Potter” as a Jewish conspiracy

Playing Politics With Infanticide

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Reuters FaithWorld blog reports on a controversial YouTube video making the rounds that purports to depict the “common problem” of infanticide among indigenous tribes in Brazil. The controversy has arisen because the video was funded by the missionary group Youth With A Mission (who have a vested interest in eliminating traditional . . . → Read More: Playing Politics With Infanticide

To Be or Not to Be [a Pagan Parent]

Are we going to raise our children in our faith? Is it right and ethical to choose a religion for our children?

I have seen this debate go on in many pagan circles. Often people make the argument that it is unethical to raise your children in a religion. It is wise, they say, . . . → Read More: To Be or Not to Be [a Pagan Parent]

Wiccan shop markets understanding


Mona Lindsay, like most people, only asks that you don’t prejudge her. If you’re interested, she’ll give you a peek into her world. Lindsay, a practicing Wiccan — a religion that follows the cycle of the moon and seasons and the sun rather than one central deity — is perhaps best . . . → Read More: Wiccan shop markets understanding

The Georgian Wiccan Tradition

Georgian Wicca, while less well known in the Wiccan religion, has been around long enough to have established itself as a driving force for Craft unity.

The Georgian tradition is a branch of the Neo-Pagan, nature-based religion of Wicca. Its roots go back to the 1970s and includes influences from older Wiccan traditions. One of . . . → Read More: The Georgian Wiccan Tradition