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The Goddess is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch

Everybody knows by now that there are entirely too many paganism 101 books out there, especially in the arena of Wicca and witchcraft. There’s a growing number of advanced texts on specialized topics as well, though nowhere near to the point of exhaustion and rehashing. And there’s a niche in between–bridge books that, like 101 . . . → Read More: The Goddess is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch

Going Back to the Basics

In all martial arts–and indeed just about every skill–there is a continual emphasis “going back to the basics.” My Hapkido instructor–an 8 dan in Tae Kwon Do and an 8 dan in Hapkido–says that there are still things in his first Forms that he is still working on. In rapier fighting, Hapkido, and tantojutsu we . . . → Read More: Going Back to the Basics

Slander Not Our Shire-Reeve of Victory

They will tell us we had a “war god” ; that because we had a “war god” we must go out to war whenever some foolish leader calls for it.

No! We had a god who taught us how to fight, and how to endure, and how to gear ourselves up for struggle when struggle . . . → Read More: Slander Not Our Shire-Reeve of Victory

Flying and Falling – Dream Symbols

by Aisling Ireland

Many of us have had them: dreams of soaring high in the sky; flying to the stars. And many of us have had these: dreams of falling from some great height fearful and panicked. What do flying and falling dreams symbolize?

In waking life we are limited–we cannot take to the skies . . . → Read More: Flying and Falling – Dream Symbols

Heathen Cohesion

One problem facing Heathenism is a lack of cohesion among the various groups, sects and traditions. As a people, we do not talk to one another unless certain conditions are met. Those vary from group to group. No attempt has been made to connect the various groups on a large scale.

Were a direct threat . . . → Read More: Heathen Cohesion

Paganism returns to the Holy Land

By Ofri Ilani

Like many other soldiers who took part in the Gaza operation, Omer, 20, occasionally took a few moments to pray, but he did not pray to the Lord of Israel. Omer considers himself pagan, and has sworn allegiance to three ancient gods. During combat, he says they appeared before him, giving him . . . → Read More: Paganism returns to the Holy Land

What is Heathenism III

In the previous two postings of What is Heathenism I spent a lot of time on the Gods. Mentioned in those posts were the Wights and Giants, and in this post I would like to examine in more detail just what these entities are.

Wight (usually prn. Vite) is an Anglo word for spirit. It . . . → Read More: What is Heathenism III