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Eating Fish on Fridays? Holy Mackerel!

Certain religious groups were taught that Friday was a special day to eat Fish. Research shows that eating Fish on Friday, is a very ancient practice that does not originate with Christ or Christianity.

Freya was an ancient goddess whose sacred symbol was the Fish. Her Holy Day is on the day that was named . . . → Read More: Eating Fish on Fridays? Holy Mackerel!

Beyond the Blarney

By Laura Wright

He is one of Ireland’s most venerated figures, but St. Patrick was actually born on another green island. This March 17 marks the 247th time that Americans will don the color green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday honoring the patron saint of Ireland who is most commonly credited with . . . → Read More: Beyond the Blarney

Suffer Not a Witch to Live!

by Pastor Deacon Fred

It’s been 20 years since we legally executed a witch on this campus, but our lawyers are working very hard with the Federal Government to ensure that we can continue to practice our religion the way the Bible tells us to. Exodus 22:18 says, “Suffer not a witch to live.” Deuteronomy . . . → Read More: Suffer Not a Witch to Live!

The Rise and Rise of the Queen of Heaven

Stephen Benko specializes in early Christianity in its pagan environment. In The Virgin Goddess: Studies in the Pagan and Christian Roots of Mariology, he traces the development of the cult of Mary from Greek and Roman mythology through to recent times. Benko avoids anti-Catholic polemics and is sympathetic to the place of the “queen . . . → Read More: The Rise and Rise of the Queen of Heaven

Faeries Wear Boots

Witches work their magic in a special place between the worlds, a time outside of time. It is this technique which makes us supremely capable, above almost all other mortals, of entering into the Faerie Realm. The realm of Faerie is the place of enchantment and magic, and throughout history Witches have been frequent . . . → Read More: Faeries Wear Boots

Sad, Wise Eyes

by Shruti Ravindran

Demon birds. Death-portending banshees. Soul-eaters. Owls attract foreboding and superstitious epithets as naturally and irresistibly as pandas attract cuddlesome baby-talk and tigers attract awestruck poetry. Their nocturnal nature, their devil-like horns, their sudden screeching from ancient tree-hollows in cemeteries, or the unnerving way they twist their heads around to fix you in . . . → Read More: Sad, Wise Eyes


Gender equality is key to economic development and prosperity

On March 8, International Women’s Day, working women across the globe will gather to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women. March 8 became a fixture on the global calendar after Clara Zetkin, leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party in . . . → Read More: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

‘Please evict her: her witchcraft is making my life a hell on Earth’

A Phoenix insurance broker who claims his common-law wife of 18 years dabbles in witchcraft, wants her evicted from the home they share.

Jaganathan Chetty has applied to the Durban High Court to have Suria Pather, removed from their Starwood home.

Chetty, 68, claimed in papers before the court that he could no . . . → Read More: ‘Please evict her: her witchcraft is making my life a hell on Earth’