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Gobekli Tepe, Nature, and Conservation Today

by Gus diZerega

I just discovered a good account Gobekli Tepe on Stephen Schwarz’s often fascinating site. Not only does it give a good account of the place and its discovery along with great pictures, it also discusses in greater detail than I had seen before the possible long-term ecological and cultural consequences of this . . . → Read More: Gobekli Tepe, Nature, and Conservation Today

The Grail and the Minor Arcana – The Evidence

This year is the 100th anniversary of the first publication of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck (December, 1909). February 16th will be Pamela Colman Smith’s 121st birthday. In honor of these I want to present evidence for my theory that the Minor Arcana of the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck (RWS) is based on Grail myths.

In . . . → Read More: The Grail and the Minor Arcana – The Evidence

Animus Archetype – Dream Symbols

by Aisling Ireland

Animus is an exotic sounding word. It sounds difficult, arcane, and irrelevant, perhaps. However, for women, the animus can be key to becoming a whole, successful person. Understanding the animus allows one to understand some of the more mysterious and oftentimes frightening dreams wherein the animus is making highly disguised guest appearances.

. . . → Read More: Animus Archetype – Dream Symbols

Saving Obama’s Bacon — FROM HELLFIRE!

Found! I’m sure you’ve been looking for this: a site on the Internet where you can go and pray for Barack Obama to be converted to Catholicism in the interests of him ending abortion, as well as, presumably, him saving his Immortal Soul from the False God of the Muselmen.

What’s especially great about . . . → Read More: Saving Obama’s Bacon — FROM HELLFIRE!

Custom Designed Menstrual Shacks

A Biblical Curse, A Husband’s Comfort: The Menstrual Shack at Hardwick Farm was designed and built by Fundamentalist Baptist architect, William Hargraves. It was featured in this month’s issue of Fundamentalist American Magazine. It’s a perfect example of form follows function. It can accommodate a single Fundamentalist female weighing up to 600 pounds, which . . . → Read More: Custom Designed Menstrual Shacks

Who’s in Your Monkeysphere?

First, what’s a monkeysphere and why does it have such a dumb name? Well, the term itself is just another name for Dunbar’s Number. See, this anthropologist Robin Dunbar did a study back in the early 90s, involving some of our primate cousins and a bunch of mathematical figurin’, and came up with a theory . . . → Read More: Who’s in Your Monkeysphere?

Spring Equinox Approaches

By Blaine P. Friedlander Jr.

As March breezes in, Saturn loiters with a lion all night and Venus is nothing like a lamb. The brilliant beacon Venus remains easily visible in the southwestern sky at dusk. Early in the month, this planet will be negative fourth magnitude, or very bright. But as the month goes . . . → Read More: Spring Equinox Approaches

The Basics of Grounding

Grounding is the act of using the mind and body to clear excess energy away.

Very literally, it is the act of getting closer to the earth, or putting our feet firmly on the ground. Grounding is a fundamental skill, not just in magic and ritual, but in everyday life too. It is one of . . . → Read More: The Basics of Grounding

The Future of Religion: Female Dominated and Private?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

A couple recent news items gives us a glance into what a multi-religious and post-Christian America could look like. First, in honor of Women’s History Month, the Pew Forum re-analyzes data from their U.S. Religious Landscape Survey and came up with some interesting results.

“March is Women’s History Month. A new . . . → Read More: The Future of Religion: Female Dominated and Private?

Robin Hood: The Spirit of the Forest

Reviewed by Robyn Wood

As the name Robyn Wood may indicate, I derive a deal of inspiration from the figure of Robin Hood, who has, in my mind at least, always been associated with the pagan mysteries. Thus it was with great delight that I recently came across the volume “Robin Hood. The Spirit . . . → Read More: Robin Hood: The Spirit of the Forest