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Pagan Insights on Conservative Political Hypocrisy

by Gus diZerega I have long been perplexed, and more than perplexed, by the seeming contradiction between the more intelligent right wingers’ stirring defenses of ‘freedom,’ ‘the rule of law,’ and ‘small government’ and their cheer-leading for George Bush, who under-mined these values more than any other president in my life time. I think I . . . → Read More: Pagan Insights on Conservative Political Hypocrisy

Judge overturns restrictions on eagle feathers

A federal judge has ruled two non-Indians can possess eagle feathers for religious purposes.

U.S. District Judge Dee Benson says the government ban on the possession of eagle feathers by non-Indians is too restrictive.

Benson ruled Tuesday but didn’t overturn the convictions of Samuel Wilgus Jr. and Raymond Hardman, both of Utah, who were convicted . . . → Read More: Judge overturns restrictions on eagle feathers

Bears – Dream Symbols

by Aisling Ireland

Bears in dreams can appear in many forms – sweet and cuddly, mean and vicious, wild and unfettered, or they may even appear as puns on their names, as in something that one must “bear.” Below are some ideas on the different symbolic meaning different bear varieties may have. See if any . . . → Read More: Bears – Dream Symbols

Pagan Chaplaincy–Limits to Care

I had the un-nerving experience the other day of meeting with someone who caught my attention more than usual. As you know I have a principal of not wanting to know what patients have done or have had done to them and this particular meeting demonstrated how useful that can be. We were able to . . . → Read More: Pagan Chaplaincy–Limits to Care

Handfasting in Elizabethan Culture

by Zan Fraser

Those who believe that Wicca was more or less “made up” in the 1950s should reflect upon the deeply rooted role had by handfasting in Elizabethan culture. Handfasting to the people of Elizabeth I was comparable to our engagement, a small ceremony witnessed and officiated and celebrated, that signaled a couple’s intention . . . → Read More: Handfasting in Elizabethan Culture

Pagan Reconstructionist Groups – What is a Recon Group?

By Patti Wigington

There are hundreds of different traditions and groups within the Pagan community. Some are considered “eclectic”, which means they typically (a) rely on both occult sources and personal experience as part of their system, and (b) they are often a blend of information from different cultures and paradigms. By contrast, there are . . . → Read More: Pagan Reconstructionist Groups – What is a Recon Group?

Magical Poppets

by Patti Wigington

A poppet can be as simple or as elaborate as you like — it all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. You can construct one out of just about any material — cloth, clay, wood, wax. Use your imagination! In some magical traditions, it’s believed . . . → Read More: Magical Poppets

What is a geek?

A geek is someone who spends time being “social” on a computer. This could mean chatting on irc or icb, playing multi-user games, posting to, or even writing shareware. Someone who just uses their computer for work, but doesn’t spend their free time “on line” is not a geek. Most geeks are technically . . . → Read More: What is a geek?

First a pagan, now a Christian tradition


They have been on bakery department shelves for several weeks now, those currant or fruit filled spicy buns that have for years been associated with Easter, much like candy canes go along with Christmas. The cross symbol on the top of the bun gives it the name, Hot Cross Bun, a favourite . . . → Read More: First a pagan, now a Christian tradition

Beyond the Burning Times, Part Whatever

One reason my posts on this topic have been somewhat sparse (apart from the fact that I don’t update very often anyway) is that I was trying to find something positive to say about this book. The main thing that stands out after a couple of reads is the openness and clarity with which Gus . . . → Read More: Beyond the Burning Times, Part Whatever