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Culture Warriors and the Threat of Violence

by Gus diZerega

As many Pagans will know, Unitarians are one of the most important ‘bridge’ denominations enabling Pagans to become part of the mainstream spiritual community in the US. The more people can be kept from interacting with one another, the easier it becomes for cynical leaders to turn decent people against one another. Even more than most right wing violence, an attack on Unitarians is an attack on us, and the more isolated we become as a community, the more vulnerable we become to the violence they would levy on us.

With all the talk about terrorist violence that we have heard since 9-11, one fact has been oddly missing from most discussions. In the US most acts of violence and terrorism have come from the political right, from people not far removed in their spoken words from the rhetoric Beck and others endlessly purvey. Adkisson’s words are only a little different from the mentality Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other sorry excuses for human beings promote as common sense in their broadcasts. After giving his chosen terrorists air time, Beck noted he “believes we’re on this road” He even wonders whether the US military would support the President or the terrorist ‘patriots’ were this to happen. Give the shift in the character of much religious involvement in the military from relatively benign to aggressively subversive, this possibility of a violent fifth column cannot be dismissed.

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