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Planning a Magical Garden

by Patti Wigington

Ever think about planting flowers that bloom just at night? Yeah, sounds weird, but it’s glorious to look at (and smell) when it’s done right. Try cultivating a Magical Moon Garden as a way of getting in touch with lunar energies. This not only looks beautiful, it provides a nice backdrop for evening rituals during the summer. When it comes to spring flowers, there’s a long history of tradition. Flowers have often been connected with magic, in a variety of ways, so when you’re planning your early gardens, be sure to read up on Spring Flower Magic.

Want to get into magical herbalism this year? Start off by selecting a few plants you’d like to work with, and grow them yourself instead of buying them from suppliers. Plan ahead, by looking over the list of Magical Herbal Correspondences. Finally, if you want to give your seedlings a jump start this year, make a Miniature Greenhouse some time this month. Get your plants started now, and they’ll be ready to go into the soil by Beltane!

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