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Quotes of the Day

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

A few interesting quotes that I’ve come across in my daily web-travels:

“[It is my] “duty to our Goddess to build a better world.”

– The Rev. Luis Barrios, an Episcopal priest canonically resident in the Diocese of New York. The quote is from a statement he released after his conviction for trespassing onto the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation’s property (better known as The School of the Americas).

“People often wonder about my religious beliefs at age 102. I am not a follower of organized anything but the encompassing thrill of the spirit of compassion that surrounds our world. I do not go to church. In this world church to me is a business — I do not find God there. Perhaps I am Wiccan. All my life I find God in nature, sweet and calm and loving.” – Margaret Caldwell, 102, the world’s oldest newspaper columnist.

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