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Why Do People Become Wiccan?

By Patti Wigington

A reader writes in, “I’m not Wiccan, and I’m trying to understand why people are leaving Christianity to follow Wicca. What is it that makes people turn their backs on a God of love and peace to worship Wiccan gods?”


This answer is going to come in a couple of different parts here, so bear with me for a minute. The first, and possibly most important, thing to remember is that not everyone was Christian to start with. There are many, many people in the Wiccan and Pagan community who have never been Christian. Some were raised agnostic or atheist, others in Jewish families, etc. So let’s try to set aside the concept that all Wiccans are simply dissatisfied Christians.

The second thing that needs to be mentioned is that for the majority of Wiccans and Pagans, it’s not a question of running away from something, but instead moving towards something. Those who were once Christian didn’t simply wake up one morning and say, “I hate Christianity, I think I’ll go be Wiccan.” Instead, most of those people spent endless years knowing they needed something other than what they had. They spent time seeking and searching, until they found the path on which their spirit was most content.

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