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Circle time

By Jeff McCrory

If you had ewes, they’d be lactating. That calls for a Wiccan festival. “We’re kind of Middle American, aren’t we?” asked Walter Rhoads, a longtime attendee of the Wiccan celebrations put on by Belisama Fire. There were at least two strands of insinuation in Rhoads’ droll voice.

First, he was talking about the apparent normality of the two dozen men, women and children—plus one dog—who had gathered that evening to celebrate Imbolc, “the Feast of the Waxing Light.” Perhaps a bit too ethnically diverse to be strictly Middle American, the group was made up of more women than men. Save for the hooded robes some wore, they looked like filing clerks in a medical-records office. The celebration took place in shabby barn somewhere in Rio Linda, and this was the second irony Rhoads was getting at. Rio Linda was an unlikely location for a witch’s sabbat. Put it this way: If Rio Linda were Midtown, fundamentalist Baptists would be the shiftless 23-year-olds in Buddy Holly glasses. Fire wasn’t worried about harassment from Baptists or anyone else. She’s led a circle for 12 years with no problems. Once, in Del Paso Park, the fire department had asked her to put out a fire, but even they had waited respectfully until the ritual was over.

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