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Witch School and Pagan Leadership

by Ed Hubbard

Witch School when it began was a concept that was shocking to most people, and was one that was highly derided and openly criticized. It was berated and even attacked as a idea that was not workable. I even lost a good friend and ally who promised everyone that Witch School would fail
within a year as it was a unsustainable model and did not respect the leadership of the Pagan community. After all, Wicca could not be taught over the web. Now more than seven years later Witch School stands, not just as a school but also as the leader among a plethora of online Pagan and Wiccan schools that followed.

mong the reason Witch School was seen as something undesirable was that it offered an open access to an education. This many felt cut at the central authority of what was the primary source of leadership in the community. This allowed people who wanted to learn to be Wiccan, Witches, and even Clergy without having to be judged by a High Priestess or Priest to see who was worthy or who was not. It made the concept of learning Wicca at home, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. The second concept was that you could earn clergy status without the rigors of dealing with the personalities of local leadership. In this Witch School has worked and worked well.

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