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Spatial Dimensions of the Blót

Where were rituals conducted and what times were deemed appropriate? As in all other matters we are limited in our knowledge due to the spotty nature of the historical record and it is impossible to reconstruct with 100% accuracy an overall picture of Heathen worship. In part this is because religion is not static; it . . . → Read More: Spatial Dimensions of the Blót

Pagan Leaders and Community

There’s a lot of talk going around about how the Pagan community is failing their leaders and Elders. I’ve read the articles by Isaac Bonewits and Michael Gorman, and read the various rants and screeds in on line communities, often by people who perceive themselves to be leaders and/or Elders. They all seem to have . . . → Read More: Pagan Leaders and Community

Elder Wise

As I wander through the many aspects of Pagan and magical publishing and web-sites I find a trend emerging that I entirely approve of. Many groups and individuals seem to be making a particular effort to develop contacts with those members of the Ancestors who are especially concerned with magical and religious affairs. That is, . . . → Read More: Elder Wise

Court Upholds Native American School Child’s Hair Length Claim

In A.A. v. Needville Independent School District, (SD TX, Jan. 20, 2009), a Texas federal district court granted a permanent injunction preventing Needville (TX) Elementary School officials from enforcing the school district’s hair style policy against a 5-year old whose family taught him to wear his hair in two long braids in the tradition of . . . → Read More: Court Upholds Native American School Child’s Hair Length Claim

ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit on Behalf of Student Accused of “Hexing” a Teacher

In a case reminiscent of the Salem Witch trials, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma today filed a federal lawsuit charging that school officials violated 15-year-old Brandi Blackbear’s rights when they accused her of casting a hex that resulted in a teacher’s illness.

“These outlandish accusations have made Brandi Blackbear’s life at school unbearable,” . . . → Read More: ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit on Behalf of Student Accused of “Hexing” a Teacher

Signs Out Of Time: the story of archeologist Marija Gimbutas (DVD)

The combination of inspiration and scholarship that many of us have come to know through the previous Read/Starhawk collaboration, Women and Spirituality:The Goddess Trilogy, continues in the 2008 DVD version of the 2003 film/video Signs Out of Time.

Signs Out of Time focuses on the work and life of Lithuanian-born archeologist Marija Gimbutas (pron. Mar-i-a . . . → Read More: Signs Out Of Time: the story of archeologist Marija Gimbutas (DVD)

The Ars Goetia

The Ars GoetiaFrom: Wikipedia

The Ars Goetia (Latin: “The Howling Art”), sometimes called The Goetia, is the first section of the 17th century grimoire Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis, or The Lesser Key of Solomon. Much of the text appeared earlier, with some material dating to the 14th century or earlier.

It contains descriptions of the seventy-two . . . → Read More: The Ars Goetia

The Nine Year Cycle

by Donna Juzva

Have you ever wondered why some years seem so challenging while others seem to go smoothly? Numerology may be able to provide some insight. Numerology shows how each year is well suited to certain activities and attitudes and is ill suited to others. Numerology is the science of numbers practiced by the . . . → Read More: The Nine Year Cycle

The Religious Right, Torture, and ‘Christianity’

One of the interesting if disturbing issues unfolding before us now is the frenzied defense of torture by many right wing ‘Christians’ and their allies in the media. Bill O’Reilly who makes more noise as a supposed defender of Christianity than anyone not at a pulpit, defends torture. Focus on the Family leader James Dobson . . . → Read More: The Religious Right, Torture, and ‘Christianity’

Witchcraft and Medical Palmistry

By Molly Gamble

Deborah Voith is a psychiatric nurse and practices witchcraft. She opened Bewitchingbee last July and said she has seen steady business since. Voith holds an advanced diploma in palm reading from Palmistry International. “Most customers come in for career questions,” she said. “But I also see couples come in together.”

The . . . → Read More: Witchcraft and Medical Palmistry