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Interdependent Happiness

by David Pond

Happiness isn’t what it used to be, but then again, we are not what we used to be, either! We are evolving and realizing more of our human potential. That is not an easy statement to back up with all the evidence of collapse and chaos that has been with us since the start of the century. But what is really going on? In the big picture we are evolving into the oneness of the family of humanity. We’re not there yet (far from it), but the handwriting is on the wall: we are going to have to solve our global problems as a global family. It is humanity itself that must rise to save humanity. The interconnectedness of our issues is becoming apparent at all levels: economic, environmental, energy, and food issues are all forcing us to deal with situations outside of ourselves that are impacting our own well-being.

The wound of humanity is rooted in our lack of understanding of the interdependency of all life and thus far, humanity has demonstrated a tremendous lack of humanity towards humanity. We have been like cells in the same body fighting each other. Imagine your hand sneaking up and attacking your face! We need our visionaries to help us awaken to a larger understanding of how interconnected all of life is. Happiness in difficult times is hard enough to come by, but in this evolving global community, our happiness is ultimately interdependent within the world in which we live.

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