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Turning the cards for the year ahead

By David Schmeichel

The year 2009 is looking fine for Stephen Harper, the Blue Bombers and the North American economy — but not so hot for Sam Katz and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, says local psychic Elbera.

The St. Vital-based medium flipped her Tarot cards for the Winnipeg Sun’s benefit yesterday and came up with a few predictions for the coming year. First, the good news: Elbera says the current economic crisis won’t last too long, though we’ll have to wait until fall for any real improvements. “It’s going to stay the way it is until the summer season, then it’s going to improve a lot,” she said. “There are three main areas that are going to prevail. What they are, I don’t know, but each one will take care of itself.” Chances are good Canadians will head to the polls once more in ‘09, though Conservative leader Stephen Harper will again be named prime minister, Elbera said. After turning the Death card, she added there might be an election next year. “When the Death card comes up, it is the death of an issue. And when that issue expires, a new one will come in. That expiry date has a lot to do with what’s been going on in the past year,” she said. “It’s going to be another year before that one door shuts and another one opens, and then Stephen Harper will be on his way.”

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